Assassin In Studio Making New Tracks.

Assassin has been busy in the studio working on some new material to keep his hungry fans satisfied. With the production expertise of Daseca Productions, Ward 21 and Don Corleon, his new releases are guaranteed to make you "bump-your-head-to-this-track".

"Same Ting Again" is a production of Coby from the Daseca camp and sees Assassin flexing his muscles on a Reggae/Hip Hop fusion. He explores the routines of daily life – ghetto people struggles are never-ending and even though there's no money, they're still experiencing problems. "Surveillance" is another song that is done under Daseca Productions and speaks to those men who are ever keen to their women's every move.

"Badness Nah Wear" shows off Assassin's dexterity where he tackles a serious issue, courtesy of Ward 21. Assassin acknowledges that "Reggae and Dancehall music glorifies guns and violence and it is not the absolute reason for what we see happening in society". However, he does admit that there is the legitimacy of the "gangsta" factor, where music touts it as fashionable and so with "Badness Nah Wear", he completely dispels this idea.

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