Mavado Gets Bail, But Show Postponed.

The self proclaimed 'Gangsta For Life' Mavado was granted bail on Friday to the sum of $200,000 when he appeared in court to answer to two counts of shooting with intent and one count of illegal possession of a firearm.

Mavado, whose real name is David Brooks, was also required to submit his passport to the courts, which means that he will not be able to keep his commitment to perform at the Queen Park Oval in Trinidad tomorrow.

The promoter for the show has rescheduled for an April date.

Tropical Paradise Riddim 2008 (Brand New Reggae)

Track List
01. Ziggy Ranking - Another One Gone Again
02. Richie Stephens - Blessings
03. Norris Man - Time Alone
04. Cecile - Hey Baby
05. Jigsy Kings Ft. Flava - Hey Sexy Girl

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Hot Steppa Riddim 2008

Track List
01. Attitude - Gyal
02. Bizzy Blow - Punks
03. Capleton - Put it in
04. Galaxy P - Money Hot
05. Vybz Kartel - Girls (Edit)
06. Vybz Kartel - Girls (Raw)

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So So Riddim 2008 (Brand New) !!!

Track List
01. Anthony B - Cry Fi Di Woman
02. Angel - Fashion Ova Style
03. Kurupt & Eggnog - Finally
04. Insane - Gal U Hot
05. Vybz Kartel - Nah Happen
06. Blaker - How Dem Hot
07. Cristopher - Heaven
08. Bling Dawg - Inna Mi Bed
09. Mr Chicken - Nuh Like Yuh
10. Brain Damage - So What
11. Greg Hinds - Standing Firm
12. Mr Lex - Boasty
13. Kiprich - Tek Set
14. Future Fambo - Tight
15. G Mafia - Work Hard Fi It

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Look Gal Riddim 2008 (Brand New) !!!

Track List
01. Assassin - Dem Nah Look Nuh Gal (Raw)
02. Elephant Man - Nuh Linga
03. Busy Signal & Assassin - Line Fi Line (Raw)
04. Monsta Empire - Daggering (Raw)
05. Fire Links - Hold Mi Acre (Raw)
06. Flippa Mafia - Dem Yah (Raw)
07. Harry Toddler - Nuh Mek Dem Hold You Down
08. T.O.K - Centerfold (Raw)
09. Lady Ali - Hype All You Want (Raw)
10. Danny English - Tek Weh Bwoy Gal

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Mavado Charged With Two Counts Of Shooting.

The self-proclaimed 'Gangsta Fah Life' artiste Mavado is now living the lifestyle as he is behind bars following his arrest last night on gun related charges.

The entertainer has been charged with two counts of shooting with intent and illegal possession of a firearm.

Mavado, 27, whose real name is David Brooks, was held when he showed up for questioning in connection with a shooting incident on July 27th last year on Mannings Hill Road in St. Andrew.

Head of the Major Investigation Task Force Assistant Commissioner of Police Les Greene said Mavado will remain in custody for at least another 24 hours.

Heart Strings Riddim 2008 (Brand New Reggae)

Track List:
01. Tami Chynn - What Do I Do Now
02. Leftside - from A Magazine
03. Rupee - Living Lies
04. Christopher Martin - Pretty Lady
05. Chino - We Burn Dem
06. Busy Signal - I Love You

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Atmosphere Riddim 2008

Track List
01. Assassin - Spare Dem (Raw)
02. Assassin - Spare Dem (Edit)
03. Don Corleon - Rock & U Wiggle (Raw)
04. Don Corleon - Rock & U Wiggle (Edit)
05. Flex - Sex Her (Raw)
06. Flex - Sex Her (Edit)
07. Munga - Early Morning (Raw)
08. Munga - Early Morning (Edit)
09. Sean Paul - Private Party (Raw)
10. Sean Paul - Private Party (Edit)
11. Vybz Kartel - Wine It (Raw)
12. Vybz Kartel - Wine It (Edit)
13. Wasp - Step To Dem (Raw)
14. Wasp - Step To Dem (Edit)

Download: Media Fire - Atmosphere Riddim

Mavado Releases New Video - Last Night

Last week Hype TV network premiered Mavado's latest scorching video, "Last Night." Hitting the streets 'racing', the Little X masterpiece gives viewers a pulsating stroll through what is seen as one of the roughest spots in Jamaica - his Cassava-Piece 'Gully' hometown.

Little X, who is the mastermind behind, creatively solid video clips like, Sean Paul's "Gimme The Light," Kanye West's "Workout Plan," and Usher's "U Got It Bad," directed this one in marathon style while on a brief 'break' from his film school professional development. The result - a dynamic video, that is reportedly spreading virally throughout major media circuits.

The single, "Last Night" is scorching up clubs and is featured on Mavado's critically–acclaimed album "Gangsta for Life: Symphony of David Brooks".

Also in the pipeline for Mavado, is the showcasing of his signature 'real raw' vibe on an upcoming official Barack Obama supporting mixtape to be produced by Green latern and Russell Simmons. The 'major league' production team requested Mavado join Lenny Kravitz, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Common and Mos Def; who are all featured on the compilation to be given away as part of the candidate's campaign. Mavado popular, "On the Rock" track was adapted to suit the occasion.

With that new, "On The Rock" re-mix featuring Jay-Z bursting out at number one on airwaves everywhere right now, Mavado has been thrust into the category titled: 'Best of Rock'; and will be featured as such in an upcoming Rolling Stones Magazine issue.

Anthony Cruz's "Fight With All Your Might"

Anthony Cruz's unwavering and strong lover's rock vocals mixed with his excellent stage presence and edgy style, has earned him a firm place in reggae music.

"Fight With All Your Might" is his soon to be released album that highlights his immense talent through the delivery of diverse musical styles. Tracks to watch include: "Hold Me," "Leaders of the World," "Take It Off" and his first single "Love Is Falling."

While his destiny in music was just about 'ordained' through inspirational family ties with the great late Garnett Silk, who was his uncle, Cruz worked unrelentingly, dedicating himself to honing his craft until his songs became impressive enough to catch the attention of veteran producer, Willie Lindo, in 1993. Taking Cruz under his wing, Lindo - in Miami, Florida at the time - was behind the release of his debut album, "Where There Is Love," featuring global hits, "Just Call My Name" and "When You Get Lonely."

Following his return to Jamaica in 1999, Cruz became in demand for major stage shows like: Sting, Rebel Salute and Stone Love's Annual Anniversary Dance. More number one hits followed, as he joined Fifth Element Records, releasing tracks like: "You Got it Bad," "The Place Too Bloody" featuring Buju Banton and "Halfway Tree."

Now affiliated with the Penthouse Label, Cruz is anticipating the release of "Fight With All Your Might," expected in stores on April 15th, 2008.

Assassin In Studio Making New Tracks.

Assassin has been busy in the studio working on some new material to keep his hungry fans satisfied. With the production expertise of Daseca Productions, Ward 21 and Don Corleon, his new releases are guaranteed to make you "bump-your-head-to-this-track".

"Same Ting Again" is a production of Coby from the Daseca camp and sees Assassin flexing his muscles on a Reggae/Hip Hop fusion. He explores the routines of daily life – ghetto people struggles are never-ending and even though there's no money, they're still experiencing problems. "Surveillance" is another song that is done under Daseca Productions and speaks to those men who are ever keen to their women's every move.

"Badness Nah Wear" shows off Assassin's dexterity where he tackles a serious issue, courtesy of Ward 21. Assassin acknowledges that "Reggae and Dancehall music glorifies guns and violence and it is not the absolute reason for what we see happening in society". However, he does admit that there is the legitimacy of the "gangsta" factor, where music touts it as fashionable and so with "Badness Nah Wear", he completely dispels this idea.

Beenie Man back in Tax Court.

The sago continues with Beenie Man and the tax court. He is scheduled to be in court today to answer charges of tax evasion.

The artiste was arrested on a warrant in October last year after he failed to appear before the Tax Court. Tax authorities allege that the entertainer owes the state $47 million in income tax. When the entertainer appeared in court on December 10th, his lawyers said efforts would be made to hold talks with the authorities regarding his multi-million dollar tax debt. Tax representatives said Mr. Davis had made no further attempts to settle.

Trailer Load A Money - Vybz Kartel

Smoking Everyday - Vybz Kartel

White Gal Dissing Spice!!!

Lyrics dissing Spice spew from the mouth of Zerby, on the Gladiator Rhythm. The white female dancehall artist, who is quite seasoned on stage and in studio; also as a musician, blurts out on her track titled, "Veteran:"
"Eh - when u see Spice tell har dis – whappen now - gyal a come outa diaper an a gwaan like she hot - a fe ave respect u know...How dem a diss veteran artist when - not even platinum record she sell..."
As one of a few new tunes available on Zerby's Myspace, and representing a preview of her upcoming album, the song "Veteran," seems unpopular.
According to an AP freelancer, "Why diss Spice?" Or is it a publicity ploy by a virtually unknown artist who bills herself as dancehalls first white DJ.
While Zerby has reportedly not come forward with any comments on her motive for penning such brow-raising lyrics, her management took the opportunity to bring 'the unknown' into the limelight with the usual plugs on how Zerby shaped her DJ experiences through linkages formed with people like Ninjaman and DJ Supercat, who is said to have been a mentor on her first album.
Zerby, who hails from the Mid-Western US, scorns the idea of dissing veteran artists, and she boldly declares that Spice shouldn't have done it. Is this going to spill over into a cross border verbal clash?
Whatever transpires, Zerby sounds like she can handle it, although her management told AP that they are not looking for a clash.

Top 20 Dancehall Hits!!!

Doah By Serani Ft. Bugle Locked The No.1 Spot

01 Serani feat. Bugle - Doah
02 Bugle - Journey
03 Beenie Man - Wine Gal
04 Harry Toddler - Don't Run In
05 Busy Signal - Pon Di Edge
06 Erup - Click My Finger
07 Queen Ifrica - Daddy
08 Courtney Melody - Just Like The Rain
09 Sean Paul – Pick It Up & Drop It
10 I-Octane - Poverty
11 Demarco - Duppy Know Who Fi Frighten
12 Spice – Up Inna De Light
13 Demarco - Fallen Soldiers
14 Shaggy feat. Rik Rok - Bonafide Girl
15 Deva Bratt - Gussy Clarke
16 Mykal Rose - Shoot Out
17 Spice - Whoa
18 Brick & Lace - Love Is Wicked
19 Garrison Hawk – Gangsta Roll
20 Prestige - I'm Bless

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Last Night(Gully Side) - Movado

Duppy Know Who Fi Frighten - Demarco

Shoot Out - Mikael Rose

Step To Dem - Wasp

Take My Place - Munga

Munga Vs Deva

What's Love - Shaggy Ft. Akon

Daddy - Queen Ifrica

I Can Feel Your Pain - Gyptian

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