Mavado Releases New Video - Last Night

Last week Hype TV network premiered Mavado's latest scorching video, "Last Night." Hitting the streets 'racing', the Little X masterpiece gives viewers a pulsating stroll through what is seen as one of the roughest spots in Jamaica - his Cassava-Piece 'Gully' hometown.

Little X, who is the mastermind behind, creatively solid video clips like, Sean Paul's "Gimme The Light," Kanye West's "Workout Plan," and Usher's "U Got It Bad," directed this one in marathon style while on a brief 'break' from his film school professional development. The result - a dynamic video, that is reportedly spreading virally throughout major media circuits.

The single, "Last Night" is scorching up clubs and is featured on Mavado's critically–acclaimed album "Gangsta for Life: Symphony of David Brooks".

Also in the pipeline for Mavado, is the showcasing of his signature 'real raw' vibe on an upcoming official Barack Obama supporting mixtape to be produced by Green latern and Russell Simmons. The 'major league' production team requested Mavado join Lenny Kravitz, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Common and Mos Def; who are all featured on the compilation to be given away as part of the candidate's campaign. Mavado popular, "On the Rock" track was adapted to suit the occasion.

With that new, "On The Rock" re-mix featuring Jay-Z bursting out at number one on airwaves everywhere right now, Mavado has been thrust into the category titled: 'Best of Rock'; and will be featured as such in an upcoming Rolling Stones Magazine issue.

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